Fairy Doors ~ Stone Door


Enchanting fairy doors add a bit of whimsy in your home or office. This door is made of resin, crafted from our own mold and individually hand-painted and decorated. No two are exactly the same, in colors or adornment. Our wood-elves glean whatever strikes their fancy and apply it when they finish the doors. Our $14.95 price is for a door that does not open, and $24.95 if you want this door to open.


What do you do with a fairy door? The possibilities are endless, you can double face tape the back and stick it low on a wall, place it on a tree in the yard, or in the garden - it will never fail to gather comments.


$24.95  (Door Opens)



$14.95 (Door does not open)



$1.00 discount - if you do not want the bell or greenery


Doors measure 6"w x 4½" tall


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We custom-design and build fairy houses, fairy doors, and other items for a wide variety of clients, from large theme parks, other corporate displays and private uses for garden sheds or children's playhouses. Feel free to contact us about any special requirements you may need.